Eshkolot- Jewish & Israeli Culture Centers

Educational Perception

The Jewish People’s history is thousands of years old, and Eshkolot is here to tell it. We are strengthening the Jewish legacy, the love for the Jewish country and the connection to Israel and its roots. This is done through unique tours, field trips and other engaging and interactive activities with a focus on the public education system.


  • As a leading educational nonprofit organization with 30 centers Members; 18 tours and study centers and 12 Jewish-Israeli awareness centers, Eshkolot constitutes a significant agent for a change within the Israeli society in general, and particularly within the education system.
  • Eshkolot is supervised by the Ministry of Education and works with its various departments. Eshkolot is also recognized by the education system as a tour guide certification organization.
  • Eshkolot’s centers are deployed nationwide, from the Golan Heights to Eilat. Some operate guesthouses and youth hostels. Each one of Eshkolots 30 centers has an operational director and an educational director, and there are approximately 120 Civil Service women engaged in various tasks throughout the centers.

Projects and Activities

  • The centers’ activities are carried out as part of a unique experience: nature tours, city tours, workshops, seminars, shows, and diverse educational activities. The activities have an affinity to the Israeli origins, knowledge and love of the country as well as the Israeli People legacy.
  • The centers run an array of trainings and tours for various populations and audiences including: students, adults, families, IDF soldiers and commanders. Over 650,000 students from the public education system tour with Eshkolot annually.
  • Eshkolot leads special projects throughout the year, such as: Jewish diaspora leadership courses, leadership programs for IDF commanders, Unity Day, Holocaust to Revival identity tours, agriculture and Zionism pioneering days, family outings during Sukkot and Pessach, projects with municipalities throughout the country, and educational field trips.
  • Eshkolot hosts over 100 conferences on the topics of history, Zionism, and Jewish heritage for the general public.

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